Kids Loved How We Treat Them

Children perfom better when they have teachers that they trust, and respect. When the relationship between teacher and student is built on mutual respect, the children want to perform well and make the teacher happy. This is such a vital part of teaching. We are proud to say that our teachers are not only well qualified, but also have the personality traits required for the postion.

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Getting students ready

Education Ready

University Ready

Work Ready

Ready for the world


Our teachers are qualified on various levels through various institutions for example Discovery Health and Cambridge International Assesment, They are the best of the best.

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Our MissioN

We nurture children to develop as creative, resilient and independent learners. Our children are supported to take risks, think critically and explore through play

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Innovative Methods
of Teaching

Learning to love learning. Our research shows that good learning at school habits matter. We encourage students to reflect on their learning during school time so that they are able to build on experience and plan ahead. They will be confident, innovative and resourceful school children, secure in their knowledge yet open to new ideas and opinions.


The Cambridge Way

Internationally Recognised

International recognition Globally valued qualifications Students know their Cambridge qualifications are globally recognised, accepted by universities and employers at home and around the world. A Cambridge qualification comes with an impressive reputation, and will retain its value for a lifetime of education and employment. University and employer recognition. Over 1,400 universities worldwide recognise Cambridge qualifications. 

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