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What makes us different?

Compassion, Understanding, Creative. We are a Preschool and Aftercare in Alberton with a difference. Offering Nursery School, Preschool, Grade R and Aftercare with qualified teachers. Our affordable preschool program is developmentally appropriate. The childcare service that supports our families.

Cambridge Homeschool

Once our preschoolers are ready for Grade school, our learners are able to join our homeschool centre where we follow the Cambridge Primary cirriculum as well as the reading, math and music programmes. Cambridge Primary is an international education programme, typically for young learners aged 5 to 11 years and is used in primary schools around the world. ... The Cambridge Primary Curriculum promotes an inquiry-based approach to learning to develop thinking skills and encourage intellectual engagement.

Teaching a love of Learning

Learning to love learning. Our research shows that good learning at school habits matter. We encourage students to reflect on their learning during school time so that they are able to build on experience and plan ahead. They will be confident, innovative and resourceful school children, secure in their knowledge yet open to new ideas and opinions. They will also be responsible to themselves for their school work, and to others. These habits lay the foundations for productive study and employment, and are actively promoted and encouraged by the syllabuses and qualifications.


Transport is offered for all areas around Alberton. We work on flexible fees to help you afford the transport. Safe, Reliable, all drivers are cleared on the national registers accordingly with the law. Spacious cledan vehicles that do not run at extended capacity. One way drop off to Meyersdal, South Crest, Leopards Rest and other areas. Please contact us for more information.

Recent Our Blog

10 January 2018

Maslow before Bloom

We Must Maslow Before We Bloom Spring. The spring brings with it rain, blooming flowers, and new life. In the classroom, students are growing at incredible rates, friendships are deepening, and testing begins. Spring also brings the time of job applications, interviews, and staffing changes. In a recent conversation with a colleague who is applying for new positions, we had the chance to brainstorm possible interview questions and responses. One question/prompt was to identify the top three values in the classroom and the school. Together we thought of the following: Safety for all - physically, emotionally, psychologically, ... A collaborative school community. High quality teaching and learning. .

27 January 2019

Top 10 Preschool Prep Tips

10 Tips for Preschool Prep DENISE YEARIAN To help your child adjust to the new environment and ease into the routine, consider these 10 tips. 1. Talk it up. Weeks before preschool begins, prepare your child by using positive and encouraging words. If you drive by the building where he will be attending school, say, Oh, look! Theres your new school. You are going to have so much fun there! Tell your child that he is growing up and this means he gets to spend more time learning and playing with other children his age. If you, as a parent, have any reservations, choose your words carefully. Even from a young age, children can pick upon what their parents are and are not saying.