The Exploratorium Early Years Phase

Here at the Early Years section of the school we plan play based oppertunities which are guided by the EYFS curriculum from the UK and Primary National Curriculum for England yet follow a tailored curriculum that meets the needs of our unique community.   The learning and development requirements of the Early Years curriculum are informed by the best available evidence on how children learn and reflect the broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding children need as foundations for good future progress. We guide the development of the children’s capabilities with a view to ensuring that children under our care complete the Early Years phase ready to benefit filly from the opportunities ahead of them. 

Jolly Phonics Early Years Curriculum

Jolly phonics is a synthetic phonics programme that ensures reading, writings and spelling success. At the core of Jolly phonics is the vigour’s teaching of synthetic phonics. Students learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and how to sounds blend words over a short period of time, alongside letter formation and spelling. Importantly, they then read books with words that they can sound blend, to that they achieve early success in reading. The more sounds they learn the greater the range of texts they can read. Jolly phonics starts at the different points in the years dependant on the year group

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