Here you can find some fun links on homeschooling, the Cambridge Way, EdTech, and all things Education


This amazing video on TED  Talks is about hackschooling from a students perspective

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Goals are a fundemental part of  homeschooling, and mastering each goal at a time is more valuable than conventional schooling.


Scratch: Coding for Everyone!

Google and Scratch, CS First, and more. Scratch can enable and empower the children to learn how to code.

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early childhood development

Since 1985 has been a trusted resource for parents and healthcare professionals. We provide free tools to maximize child development and help all children reach their full potential.

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the ​Ooey Gooey Lady

Since COVID-19 I have been out on the porch recording Porch Time Story Time and filming occasional Passionate Porch Time Position Statements. Have a question? A story time book suggestion? Want to book a workshop? A birthday party read? Please reach me through my website,

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Ms Angler and Biology

There  are innovative and driven educators out ther that insist on  making learning fun and accessable.
A beginners guide in active note taking during a lesson. Biology is a content heavy subject that needs many shorter, condensed notes. We will also have a look at how to create usable study notes

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